Green Mage Coffee
Green Mage Coffee

Craft Pour Over and Cold Brew Coffee in Encanto Studio

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I am Ian Thomas, the Mage in Training of Green Mage Coffee. I grew up in the mean streets of Tucson Arizona, surrounded by scenic mountains and high desert. Understandably, I spent a lot of time playing video games, reading books and generally perfecting escapism in the realm of retirees and sky island enthusiasts. As a teenager I found the second love of my life, caffeine. It was like a magic potion that gave me the power to keep playing all night and still make it in school. Now, more than a decade later, I still play the new games, I still read all the time and I still drink caffeine. Though, I have leveled up a few times, Mountain Dew has become fresh ground pour over coffee with added organic herbs and spices for flavor and effectiveness. Overdose levels of sugar and yellow number five have become cold brew concentrate with local honey and coconut milk. And, of course, the video games have gone through what can only be described as an evolution. Thus when presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to start my own business I knew immediately what I had to do. Green Mage Coffee is born and the adventure of growing a successful business from level one begins. Welcome, its going to be magic. 


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I seek the Holy Grail. In this case the perfect combination of video game fantasy and coffee culture. The goal is to bring our patrons the very best possible caffeine concoctions in a welcoming, all inclusive environment. in addition I hope to learn to enhance our offerings from really good coffee to health and daily experience boosting potions. Add a dose of great art, a pinch of good music, and a charming comfortable ambiance, and Green Mage Coffee in Encanto Village will be the start of many a days adventure.


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I have reached the vaunted hights of level 2. Which pretty much just means that most of the paperwork has been done and the authorities know of my existence. Coffee making has grown more delicious with  exp. most of my goals have changed. We still offer great pour-over coffee and healthy snacks. However we have been informed that the city will not approve a sit in coffee shop in this location, therefor we cannot put out tables on the patio for customers. A little life hack though, there are tables in the courtyard that can be utilized by our customers in the morning. our new goals include.

1. Putting together an array of health positive herbs and spices to offer diversity to our taste.

2.  Finding a source and method to offer CBD in our coffee to those that want a power up with an extra boost.

3. And finally we are putting together a better logo and creating a banner to ease the process of finding us.

Wish me luck I will need a little of it.

Offering Up

Quest Location

A Really Good Cup!

Have a comment or a question? Come see us at Enchanto Village. We are located inside the AYP studio right next door to The Original Hamburger works.

Green Mage Coffee

2829 North 15th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85021, United States

(520) 248-8027


Tues-Fri           7:00 am / 11:00 am

Sat                      8:00 am / 1:00 pm

Sun -Mon                    Closed

We will be closed this month for my Birthday. Saturday the 26th - Tuesday the 29th. 

As we are connected to a wonderful yoga and dance studio we are also closed on moon days. (the new moon and full moon)7

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